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On this community you may access the text of -- well, okay, four and a half novels: Trace (published), Charitable Getting (published), The Valet of Anize (in progress), Nameless (published), and The Dead Isle (published).

The Dead Isle is the story of an alternate world in which mechanical engineering has taken a backseat to Creationism, a belief system predicated on the ability of some people to "create" objects for brief periods of time. The world depends on trained Creationists for everything from seagoing vessels to ice-cream bowls, but certain members of society believe that Creationism is stifling true technological advancement.

Jack Baker, a young and brilliant student at Harvard University for Engineers, has been recruited by famous novelist and sometimes-spy Ellis Graveworthy to assist him in a secret mission to Australia, also known as the Dead Isle. Accompanying them is Clare Fields, a fierce-minded student Creationist who was sent away from Australia by her parents at the age of three and has little memory of her homeland.

As they journey from Boston to England and beyond, they face many challenges: saboteurs, double-agents, storms, and a marauding Baratarian pirate named Purva de la Fitte. They will discover the beauty and terror of the Dead Isle and learn why Australia, of all the world, is the only land without Creation.

The Dead Isle will be available for sale on September 1, 2012.

Trace is the story of an ex-con named Colin, who discovered the secret magic of prisons while doing time in Railburg State Correctional. Now he's being sent back in undercover to help solve a crime, but there are bigger problems at Railburg than a little money laundering. One of the prisoners, Galano, is trying to incite a riot, and the cop who went under as a guard to protect Colin has...changed. Colin and a small gang of those like him -- those who have the mojo -- are going to have to do something about Galano, before the riot he's planning destroys Railburg completely.

Trace is currently available for sale.

Charitable Getting turns a slightly satiric eye on the business of philanthropy. Bo Sparks is the charismatic executive director of SparkVISION Consulting, which helps charities reach their potential. His staff are a slightly neurotic but well-intentioned group who tolerate his antics because they've seen his results. Non Prophet is an anonymous blogger in the charitable sector who may or may not work for SparkVISION, and journalist Tanya Montray is determined to uncover his identity.

This is an archival copy of the rough draft. You can purchase a hard copy of the final draft of Charitable Getting here at my Lulu shop.

The Valet of Anize is the story of a young servant hired to be the personal valet, bodyguard, and secretary to a wealthy engineer. Together, Valet and Dr. Anizin are determined to unravel the mystery of the Silence, a cataclysmic event a hundred and fifty years ago, which cut off the planet of Arrival from the rest of humankind. This is a work in progress. Feedback is encouraged.

Nameless is narrated by small-town bookseller Christopher Dusk, who is happy with his quiet life until he meets a shy artist and sells him the wrong book. Lucas, a maskmaker and mystic, will challenge Christopher's prosaic view of the world -- but both men are lying, to themselves and to each other, and Lucas may be the one to pay the price in the end.

This is an archival copy of the rough draft. You can purchase a hard copy of the final draft of Nameless here at my Lulu shop.

If you enjoyed the novels, consider making a donation to show your appreciation. Donations are voluntary and there is no minimum amount requested. No solicitation for support will ever be made.

Special thanks to those who have supported all my novels!
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