Apr. 20th, 2012

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Clare Fields is a Creationist -- an individual gifted with the ability to create things out of thin air for a short amount of time. Her best friend, Jack Baker, is an Engineer with big dreams stuck in a world where magic infuses every aspect of society, from faith and mythology to industry and business. Inseparable despite their differences, Jack and Clare have always been outsiders, standing together against the world.

Now Jack has been tasked with building a flying machine without the use of Creationism, far from home and the familiar confines of his University. His patron is a wealthy eccentric named Ellis Graveworthy: an eminent novelist who also happens to be a secret agent for Her Majesty's government.

Together, the three of them will embark on an adventure across continents and oceans to reach Australia, the infamous Dead Isle that robs Creationists of their abilities and has long since closed its borders to outsiders. Along with Purva de la Fitte, a pirate princess who joins them on the journey, they must find their way to the anonymous supplicant who summoned them, unaware of what awaits them -- or that Clare may hold the secret to the puzzle of why Australia has no Creation.

The Dead Isle is a steampunk fantasy novel currently being posted for criticism and review, one chapter a day between April 20th and May 14th, 2012. Feel free to comment with any and all thoughts you may have as you read. With any luck, a final version will be available in epub, pdf, and hardcopy format by the end of the year.


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